Spanish 3rd Division Football Club start training at Bonalba Golf Club Resort – a winning combination …

Third division Spanish Club Intercity FC started training  this month on their new pitch at Bonalba Golf Club Resort in  Muchamiel municipal,  15 mins drive from their home ground on the outskirts of Alicante City.  An investment of 150,000 Euros to cover pitch and installation costs and a 5 year lease agreement certainly sounds a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

Intercity FC have an envious environment in which to train, surrounded by trees and lakes, discreet and private, access to changing rooms, spa, pool and restaurant area.  Furthermore,  it is close proximity to player and staff homes and no doubt discounted golf rounds for them in the deal!

Bonalba Golf Club increase revenue with leasing grounds for a minimum of 5 years  and benefit from an increased visibility and  usage of their on-site facilities including bars, cafeterias and nearby services that will benefit from an increase in trade.

The agreement signed with the Bonalba Golf Club is valid for five years with the possibility of renewal between both parties. Adjacent to the training ground, an area will be designated for physiotherapy, recovery and treatment services for the players. In the second phase,  a mobile gymnasium will  be built.

Sourcing Golf Clubs and available real estate for football Club  training facilities is becoming a popular trend.   Cartagena FC (Murcia based Club in the 2nd Division)  has signed a long lease contract with the famous La Manga Sports Resort to set up their academy and First Team there.

Most recently, Manchester United are actively searching available golf courses in south Manchester to build training facilities.

It certainly makes sensible football finance on paper as land is often more readily available, considerably cheaper and easier to attain build licences than land in close proximity to football club home stadiums.



Back to Intercity FC – the Club have had an amazing run  in recent years climbing from the 7th Division of Spanish football and now currently sit in 7th position in the 3rd  Division.

As most lower Clubs experience, there have been financial hardships along the way. However, the Club with a new training facility, steady improvements in the league from  last season and an imminent capital increase of €11 million  with Alpha Blue Ocean to be paid in tranches over the next five years, the future looks brighter for Intercity FC.

Click here to read more on the amazing story behind Intercity FC and the opportunity to invest in a 3rd Division Club in Spain.


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