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Sol Sports Invest are delighted to partner with Paul Gainford, inventor of the Promagnus™ , the Next Generation Football Training Aid,  scientifically designed and proven to improve a player’s curling technique by 46% in only 80 kicks!

I have had the pleasure of following Paul´s amazing journey and progress from an initial meeting in London back in 2013, discussing his early stage research & development of Promagnus™ to the recent release of a demo video with Roberto Carlos and Billy Wingrove (Freestyle footballer )  in Miami.

As writing this, Dicks Sporting Goods, the largest sporting goods retailer in the USA have placed a pre-order of 1500 units!

It´s quite a story …


Inspired by that Free-kick

Roberto Carlos of Brazil scored one of the most spectacular free kicks ever in the 1997 Tournoi De France tournament. Once struck, the ball was heading wide of the post but then it took a complete u turn and it curved to hit the inside of the post and settled into the net.

Roberto Carlos stated, “To be honest, until this day I don’t know how I did that”….but to this day Paul Gainford has strived to find out how he did it and tried to think of ways to replicate that amazing kick.

“If only I could put a spinning ball on the ground’ that’s half the job done! Then I would just need to think of a way that I could create that spin on my own. This is when I came up with the idea of gradually reducing the speed to learn how to put more effort into that kick myself, step-by-step.

After 25 years of research, 15 prototypes, and thousands of hours of testing, the Promagnus™ was created.





The Problem

In professional football, on average, a direct free-kick has a 6% probability to be converted. 1 in 17 attempts translates to a goal. There is little dedicated training for free kicks as every player is different.

Coaches expect players to practice on their own. The highest conversion of free kicks taken in the top 5 European leagues since 2016/17 is 17%

The Solution

A goalkeeper is 40% less likely to save a ball that has been curled as opposed to a ball that travels in a straight line.

PROMAGNUS™ helps any footballer improve kicking technique in as few as 80 kicks. The device provokes and amplifies the senses triggering muscle memory to induce accelerated learning otherwise known as Sensation Provocation.

Player’s improve free kick techniques resulting in a 70% increase in bending / curling performance as proven by a scientific study by Queens University, Belfast.

The device mimics an inflight curving ball, spinning up to 600rpm. Players sense the rotation as their foot meets the ball and the body recognises the need to adjust after each kick creating the needed spin.

Next Generation Football Training Aid

Take your training to the next level. The Promagnus™ is scientifically designed and proven to improve a player’s curling technique by 46% in only 80 kicks.




Industry legends support

A game-changing device that teaches any player how to increase bend on the ball, with success rates increased by 46%

With help from the likes of Bryan Robson, Roberto Carlos, Billy Wingrove and many more industry legends, not to mention help and input from scientists from world leading sports brands, this product is now ready to put out on the market and it’s set to change the world of football!


Opportunity to get on board  the Promagnus™ journey at early capital raise stage


An initial £1.5 million investment in return for a 20% equity stake in the company.  This amount ensures a maximum effect in the shortest timeframe including production of the first 10,000 units.

With experienced management, a sheer determination to succeed, a product that has industry legends support and amazing feedback and pre-orders from famous Professional Football Clubs,  large sports retailers to private users,  this is a sports goods product that is certainly worth investing in.

For further information and to arrange an initial meeting with the team, please contact Sol Sports Invest at or +34 607 375 234 (Cell/whatspp)

Further investor information

To view the Promagnus™ investor deck please click here:- 10_Promagnus_Updated_    (PDF DOWNLOAD)


Roberto Carlos endorsement

“It took me a few go’s to get the hang of it, but when i did, it felt amazing, no other training aid can do what it does, incredible.”


Brian Robson OBE, England and Manchester United former captain and current Man Utd global Ambassador.

“This really works and it’s fabulous for kids and professionals.”



Inventor Paul Gainford and his incredible journey with the ProMagnus …


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