Golf courses and Football Club training facilities, the current golf market and a TOPGOLF investment opportunity…

Football Clubs & Golf course real estate

Golf courses are becoming prime real estate for Football Clubs looking to expand their training facilities as land surrounding many of their existing stadiums is too expensive or unsuitable to build on.

Intercity FC, a 3rd Division Spanish Club have recently leased land from Bonalba Golf Club on the outskirts of Alicante to build a training pitch, changing rooms and a gym.  Cartagena FC, a 2nd division Club recently leased existing training facilities in the famous La Manga Sports Club in Murcia.


Golf courses are often ideal sites to relocate sports Clubs as training facilities can be built in discreet and quiet locations and players & staff can use on-site facilities including Clubhouses, spas and other sports facilities including padel , tennis courts and the golf course!

Manchester United are currently exploring suitable golf course sites to expand and build much needed modern training facilities to compete with their rivals, Manchester City,  Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC.

Sol Sports Invest (SSI) currently collaborate with various golf courses in Alicante & Valencia regions and can offer offer investors various plots for sports facilities.  Contact us for further information.

Golf real estate market

Golf real estate in Spain is still buoyant and in fact prices on our local Alicante Golf Resort have increased between 25-30% since 2019 due mainly  to increased demand from countries including Ukrania, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Scandanavian countries for both vacational and primary residence.


SSI recently closed a deal for a 6 bedroom townhouse on Alicante Golf (Frontline hole 2)  for 400,000 €.   SSI acted for the sell-side (A Spanish Soccer Agency owner)  which is due for completion this month.

The sale was relatively quick and smooth due to various factors, including an exclusive sales mandate, a motivated and trusted seller with all paperwork in order, a fair valuation and the buyer being fully qualified financially by our partner Sol Sports Properties before viewing.  Far too often we have seen sales fall at the final hurdle due to vital documentation missing or the buyer being refused a loan.

Is Spanish golf real estate a sound investment ? 

Our short answer to this is buying Spanish property is more for a lifestyle improvement purchase  rather than investment these days. With hikes in interest rates, the relatively high property taxes (up to 14% on final purchase price) coupled with a heated and overvalued market ,the current economic conditions are not ideal for an investor.

Furthermore,  to rent out a property in Spain is becoming increasingly difficult for a landlord with  restrictions and bans on AIRBNB and such portal properties in certain areas, local councils issuing fewer tourist licences to enable legal bookings and an increasing animosity from locals towards foreigners buying up second hand and new homes for rental purposes.

The rental law is almost all in the favour of the tenant, which makes it more complex for a landlord.  I won´t go into too much detail regarding the squatter (Okupa) rights in Spain as it´s quite scary and quite frankly bonkers!   We are in fact fighting a legal battle with a squatter for one of our own properties.

An incredibly unjust law that is currently under review as it gives the squatter the rights!   I pray this law is changed asap before it causes stress and anxiety for more innocent victims.

All in all,  the Spanish real estate market is coming to a head now after years of relentless construction, loans and sales… we predict a property storm is brewing …  but as always, opportunities will be available for the savvy investor and with cash at the ready.

Contact us for impartial advice on buying real estate in Spain.  We´ll tell you what most Estate Agents don´t want you to hear!

Golf Fractional Ownership in Spain as a viable option ? 

SSI have recently partnered with Shared Property, an English owned company that offer the opportunity to co-own a fantastic holiday home at the fabulous La Torre Golf Resort Murcia Spain for the cost of an average family holiday.

You will own a share, or number of shares, of the freehold property,  so no, not timeshare, which we  wouldn´t touch with  a bargepole!

It is a no fuss way to own a fabulous holiday home from €2,995, offering you the highest of standards, yet eliminating the cost and hassle associated with owning and maintaining a property all year round.

SSI recently completed closed a 2 weeks share with Shared Property for a German client, offering them  an  ideal alternative low-risk bolt-hole in the sun.

If you are interested in learning more regarding this method of owning a golf property, please do contact us for an informal chat.


The venue slated to open in Oberhausen, Germany will be a multi-story venue similar to this Topgolf design in the U.S.

And finally, last November (2023) we announced that TOPGOLF were coming to Spain & Portugal which we believed would open up various investment opportunites.   The full article can be read here .    TOPGOLF have recenty stated that they will be partnering with Atletico Madrid sports complex to build a TOPGOLF centre.

And last week we signed an agreement with Acron AG Investment Group to assist them with raising capital for another TOPGOLF centre in a popular and affluent central European City.  For early investment opportunities,  please click here to read further news or contact us directly at

The potential is massive to maximise the use of golf courses in Spain and our other main market UK, where planning permissions and developments are increasing on golf courses.  Although complex on a number of levels between maintaining ecological harmony and providing more affordable housing and sports facilities, it is hoped that common sense prevails and all parties involved can be winners.





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