PP, Vox and Compromís agree to review the real cost through an audit of the Nou Mestalla

Municipal groups approved a motion on Wednesday 20th Feb 2024 to imminently commission an “external and independent” audit to measure the real cost of the urban development project of the new stadium projected by Valencia CF.

Nou Mestalla is once again a topic of debate. The political parties Vox, Compromís and Partido Popular (PP) have approved a motion to review the real cost of the Nou Mestalla, through an “external and independent” audit, the urban development project of Valencia CF that has been stuck for more than a decade, according to Iusport.

The motion was ratified in the Urban Planning Commission in order to “guarantee legal certainty and effectively demand the guarantees that ensure the total cost of the works and that they will not be paralysed again”. In this way, through this agreement, the audit will be carried out “before an eventual approval of any agreement or of the files in favour of Valencia CF”, underlines the body.

A month ago, the Valencia City Council, through Mayor María José Catalá, announced a new calendar of deadlines for the construction and completion of the New Mestalla, detailing the penalties that the club could incur if it does not meet the new deadlines.

For its part, the second section of the text detailed that “for legal certainty any other issues related to Valencia will be postponed until the vote and ruling scheduled for March 6 on the ATE of Valencia CF is known”.

In the first instance, the inauguration of the Nou Mestalla was scheduled for the 2009-2010 season.

Compromís municipal spokeswoman Papi Robles said the stadium audit “will ensure the viability of the club over Lim’s interests.” All this, in a key operation for the capital of the Turia, since it has the 2030 World Cup on the horizon and the Nou Mestalla is among the ten stadiums preselected by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (Rfef) to host the intercontinental tournament.

The club is in eighth place in the league standings. In that sense, the Valencian team closed the 2022-2023 season with losses of seven million euros, as reflected in their annual accounts. Last season’s figures contrast with the losses of the previous season, which stood at 45.8 million euros.

In three days it will be fifteen years since Valencia CF was forced to stop the works of the new Mestalla due to lack of liquidity. Its inauguration, in the first instance, was scheduled for the 2009-2010 season, but more than a decade later the project is still stalled.

Valencia CF was founded in 1919, a decade after football arrived in the capital of the Turia. The club, which was relegated and has spent four years of its history in the Second Division. It is one of the few Spanish clubs in the hands of a foreign investor and its turnover, of more than one hundred million, places it in the upper bracket of the tournament.

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