TOPGOLF investment opportunity within a popular and affluent European City

Sol Sports Invest would like to present to you our newest investment, Topgolf Vienna in partnership with Acron AG Investment Group.

Topgolf is a real success story. Coming from the US where there are over 90 Topgolf venues already. Topgolf is a leading technology-enabled golf entertainment company. They are driving their international expansion into European markets, Asia and Australia through franchised venues.

Topgolf US have partnered with Greenreb in Switzerland, the licensee of Topgolf for Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy) and will follow their pipeline of new developing Topgolf venues throughout Central Europe.

The first Topgolf in Europe was opened in Oberhausen, Germany on Jan 2022 ( with extraordinary success to date (850k guests in 16 months, net sales of 1,8m per month).

We are looking to raise a total of EUR 40,7m in equity for a new to build Topgolf venue in Vösendorf, Vienna, takeover 100% of the Topgolf venue after finalisation (cost guarantee) and sell the property after 5 years with a yearly distribution to the investor between 5% – 10% (18% indexed to revenues) and a yearly net IRR of between 8,5% – 11,3% after exit.

After that next venue will be close to Milano, Italy and then Switzerland. We are trying to follow them throughout their pipeline in Central Europe.

Here a summary why we think this is an exceptional opportunity:

  • Topgolf is a proven success story
  • International expansion strategy through licensees
  • Very big market demand
  • Low risk high return profil (100% secured by property)
  • Single-tenant, 30+ years lease terms
  • AAA location in Vösendorf close to Vienna
  • Yearly distribution of 5% – 10% through indexed return
  • Net IRR of between 8,5% – 11.3% p.a. in 5 years
  • Big expansion pipeline in Central Europe
  • Swiss based licensee with strong management background

If interested, please contact us at or +44 7300 211 262 (whatsapp)  for a  teaser for your review and  Presentation and data room access now available at your request.

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